Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What's for dinner

Last year I joined up at the gym for a 12 week challenge - a programme that helped you set goals and teamed you up with a personal trainer for 12 weeks. It was fairly successful and I lost a bit of weight, quite a few cms and got a lot fitter, all of which was great. But as frequently happens it has since all crept back - largely due to a series of flus, being away for 4 weeks and then injuring my back + too many beers over Christmas I think. At the time I didn't really change my eating much - but now I'm trying the body revolution programme which puts more emphasis on getting your eating under control as well as having the exercise. I had my first day tracking my food and like many people I tend to consume too many carbohydrates. So one of my goals for this week is to not have any beer whatsoever. Favourite beer at the moment is Monteiths Radler - a lager with a twist of lime and lemon. I don't normally like lagers but the citrus really gives it some body.

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