Monday, February 21, 2005

Canterbury Faire report

Hi there, we're back safely after five days and very exhausted. This was certainly the best Canterbury Faire that I've had for several years and I have come away quite enthused about next years with lots of plans for campsite upgrades. Highlights for me:
  • the look on Callum and Chretienne's faces when Sigurd and Tycho presented Callum with the sword
  • meeting some excellent new people, e.g. Sir Ives, and getting to know some old acqaintences a lot better e.g. Angel and Redbeard
  • stepping down as Arts and Sciences officer and the determination not to accept any new offices for several years at least
  • the look on a young ladie's face after trying on one of my gowns (which she then bought) - I swear she was floating and she seemed to wear it all weekend
  • actually enjoying the pirate party
The only poo was that I felt a bit cruddy all weekend and was also quite busy so that I didn't get any fighting in. By Tuesday this had developed into a proper cold which I still suffer from. Plans for next year include:
  • a proper floor for our pavillion and a broom to sweep it with
  • household paraphenalia e.g. banners etc
  • a large barrel for our drinking / cooking water
  • getting Callum and Chretienne into a decent tent or pavillion e.g. one that doesn't leak
checkout my web site for pictures in a few days

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