Tuesday, March 29, 2005

So much goin' on

Shit I'm slack - haven't done anything for a month... and its not like nothing's been happening. Well I just got back from Chris and Ra's wedding which was lovely. I really liked that Chris escorted Ra, rather than doing the 'giving away' thing. They had a lovely location too and it was all really good. Its really funny that some people can have a 'religious' wedding and yet it doesn't come over really heavy-handed yet when other people do it it does. Case in point: Dad's wedding seemed really overtly religious - the minister or whatever seemed to always be making statements like "we believe X Y Z.." and things that assumed that everyone there was Christian and I found it really offensive. But this one was really good and kind of connected the christian world-view with other faiths and even and it was quite nice. Nick and I have decided to get married, largely because I wanted it for legal reasons - I want to make sure that Nick gets everything without debate if I was to die. But I'm not interested in having anything public - but Nick wants a party (he says that he wants presents). I want to do it before we go on our trip though which doesn't leave a lot of time - May I think. So the big trip is getting way closer. Nick is in the US right now for about 3 weeks and in the meantime I have to pay for the sailing course.