Tuesday, November 29, 2005

All I want for Christmas...

New Additions (7th Dec)
  • Cake stand, pref with cover
  • Cake tin or plastic container large enough to take decent sized cake
  • Vanilla shimmer body lotion from Body Shop (yummy)
  • The Royal Book of Horsemanship, Jousting & Knightly Combat: A Translation into English of King Dom Duarte's 1438 Treatise available from http://www.chivalrybookshelf.com/
Previous Vouchers are always good, especially at places like Placemakers, Bunnings, Freedom, garden places and of course music/books/DVDs - earrings (I'm continually losing one of pairs so my selection needs re-stocking) - massage session: preferably at Total Body Concept, 188 Salisbury St - Books: any Asterix books especially the new one; see Amazon wishlist; CDs: Kind of interested in some older stuff right now
  • Live, best of, Throwing Copper;
  • Paul Simon, Graceland,
  • Dire Straits, Love Over Gold or Brothers in Arms;
  • Gorillaz, any;
DVDs - Grosse Pointe Blanke (movie) - Elizabeth R (series) - Elizabeth (movie) - Band of brothers (series) - 12th Night (movie) - the one with Helena Bonham Carter - any Harry Potter movies

Monday, November 28, 2005

Not a bum steer

Sorry about the punny titles - they seem to be all that I can think of. WOW - we had a full-on weekend. It started off pretty normal. I went off riding at 11.00 which was super-cool because Tess was there and while we were riding her brand new horse arrived (which was lucky because they hadn't warned her to expect it). Anyway she (the new horse Kara) seems nice and Tess said that I could ride her for my lesson next week. Then I got home and had lunch and Nick mentioned that maybe we could go down to Harvey Normans and look at an outdoors table set for our self-Christmas present. About half way down he said maybe we should stop on the way and look at a few 4 wheel drive cars because we're going to need to upgarde the ford to one fairly soon. Of course we ended up taking a few for a drive and have found one that we really like - so no outdoors table set. The sales guys were pretty good and because we were going out to Oxford on Sunday to look at some cattle they said that we could keep it for the rest of the weekend to give it a real test drive. Currently its at our mechanics having a check. Its a wine red coloured Toyota Surf - 3L diesel and its really got a lot of go. Handles mostly like a car, although you can tell its a big thing going around the corners, AND its got a 5 CD changer. Sunday morning we went to fighter's practice and I fought too for the first time since I had that awful flu a few months ago. That was fun. And then we went out to Abberley Lodge to have a look at some cattle. Upon discussion we decided that we were probably better to get a few steers now of varying ages rather than spending all the money on heifers when we're not even going to be there. We'll buy some heifers and start breeding next year, closer to when we're actually going to be living there. Anyway - Meet the Meat: We bought four - one of each colour, and only the wee one has a name yet. He's a dun and his name is Riley: Riley The next biggest is this cute black one Then we have the red with the big straight horns And finally the Brindle (his head is a bit obscured - I think that he's camera shy) who doesn't have horns. This one might get named housewarming party. I thought that we might name them after some of our favourite whiskeys but Nick doesn't seem keen on that idea. They're still at their original fold - we won't bring them to our place until we have the power on as apparently they're a bit naughty about fences that aren't hot.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


OK - another long break with not much to report. In fact we've been a bit busy socially. We went up to Furneaux Lodge in Queen Charlotte Sounds a couple of weekends ago for Matt Isaac and Michelle's wedding and it was really lovely. Don't want to post too many photos here but here's a handfull: Michelle and her Dad The Vows Chris and Rachael Nick watching the photos being taken Isaac Family Wedding Photo Furneaux is a gorgeous place. It was quite overcast when we arrive but just minutes before the wedding it came out beautifully sunny - it was quite magical. Nick and I had gone for a wee walk in the bush behind the lodge to the waterfall and the native bush was amazing. Can't wait to start planting our own patch of forest.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Coming together

Well its all beginning to come together for us - still slowly but I'm definitely getting the feeling that we're getting there. Nick has found a really good flooring option which is also one of the cheapest available and it will allow us to give the impression of a timbered ceiling. We've moved the garage from being at the East end of the house to being attached to the north end of the workshop and we're going to continue the arcade/cloister right around to the end of the garage so that we can walk around a covered area. This will be able to be walked on so the primary guest bedroom will have a door and will be able to walk right around the top to the garage roof. The garage roof will also be able to be walked out onto and the 1st floor of the workshop will have a door out onto it: this means that we can also easily walk from the 1st floor bedroom around to the 1st floor of the workshop without going downstairs. And the garage roof will be an ideal place for a small ballista or some-such. On my current to-do list is contacting Selwyn Council and finding out what is required for neighbour's consent to go above the 8m roof limit. Oh yeah, and the well now has pumps and pipes - next step: power. In other news: had a fabulous Saturday evening to celebrate Kate and Ab's commitment to ecah other. It had been a very hot day so the evening was lovely. And this weekend Nick and I are up to Furneaux Lodge for Matt and Michelle's wedding. Still no progress on our celebratory party - it may have to be a 1st anniversary party at this rate. Sorry we're so slack but we just seem to be busy all of the time. Horse riding is going well. I'm taking Wednesday off work so that I can go with Becky and co to the zoo in the morning and I have arranged to go horse riding in the afternoon. On Saturday its always a lesson, which is fun but I've never had a chance just to go for a ride so Tess is going to show Jo (one of the people who ride with me) and me the way through Burwood Forest.