Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Tree

Last year I really wanted one of Farmers' black Christmas trees so this year when they had 1/2 price on all trees I bought one (after much hemming and hawwing) - here it is.

Apart from that there's not much to tell. I tried a new acupuncturist two weeks ago but it didn't really click. After having a truly crap weekend and missing out on both the staff do and the Southron Gaard Christmas Revel which is the second event in a row that I've had to miss - or maybe more - its been months since I've been to anything - I rang another place and had a treatment this morning. I felt better even before the treatment ended and they have prescribed some herbs which I have to pick up from the clinic in Riccarton.

And that's about it - spending lots of time sitting in a chair and sewing / watching DVDs.

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