Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Urg - dizzy

Well after having such a lovely Canterbury Faire fortnight off my return to work has been marked by a definite down-turn in my energy levels etc etc etc. I've been back less than three weeks and already have had a day off and the last four days, including the weekend I've been feeling quite bad again. No energy and quite dizzy - especially dizzy today, although I feel like I have more energy than I did yesterday and on the weekend. I was having some trouble getting to sleep last week and I think that maybe that's why by the weekend I was very tired, despite having had that Monday off. On the upside though we went to Lucette's production in her house in Lyttelton, Flight Patterns. It was really good - I thought that there was a good balance of funny / weird and thoughtful. It would stand seeing twice as you can only be in one room at one time but often there were things going on in multiple parts of the house. Also had a nice experience last night: I was going to the gym after work because I hadn't felt too bad in the morning and Nick had forgotten his phone so although I felt really crap by the evening I had not way of contacting him and getting him to pick me up from work or somewhere, or even saying I'll get a taxi home - so I had to meet him at the gym. Anyway, I was wondering past Easts bookshop when I thought I'll pop in and buy a magazine and sit at the gym and read until he's there - its actually not uncommon for people to be plopped on the couch in the women's gym reading. So, as your do, I was checking out the sale items and there was a copy of the exhibition catalogue/book for the Elizabeth exhibition at the National (UK) Maritime Museum on sale at $60. So I had to have that of course and as I was purchasing it the saleswoman asked if I'd like to sit down and have a drink and a nibble and listen to an author, Judy Corbalis, who was speaking there about her latest book Mortmain. Anyway it was just the distraction that I needed for an hour and a bit and I'm now on their mailing list, although to be honest NZ fiction is not really my thing. Also Margaret Mahy was there and liked my t-shirt (purple Pennsic War one that Agro gave me) and another lady liked my shoes (gold roman sandals) and that was nice too.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Canterbury Fairies

So we're back after one of my personal best Canterbury Faires, tired, still washing/repairing clothes but all fired up for Coronation in July. I think that having the extra day made a big difference: it went Thursday to Tuesday this year which meant two half days and four full days. This made the whole event less hectic. This was also about the first year in a long time when I had nothing planned for the event: no workshops, marketing, elevations, anything. In fact the only things that I had to do was the peerage meetings both of which were over fairly quickly. Piccys are in the SCA set of my Flickr account. Our big news is that a) Sigurd took Deordanan as his first apprentice and b) Sigurd was invited to join the Chivalry, which he has agreed to do at Midwinter Coronation - we will therefore be going Viking (but I'll be sneaking a new Elizabethan in there too). So we're going to be extra busy over the next few months making new outfits and accoutrements for the knighting and I expect stock for the market. We got several hot and dry days while we were away and over the following week but most of the trees looked OK and Nick and Bob laid out more of the pipe for the irrigation while I rode Lad for a bit. The main task on Saturday was drenching the cattle which was pretty exciting - who said that Highlands were placid: they never met ours anyway. The wee two (Riley and Laphroigh) dealt with it OK, squeezing into the race side by side, but House and Ardbeg were a bit more of a handful and Ardbeg gave Nick's jeans a whole new ventilation point near his groin (and a bruise too - luckily nothing worse). Perhaps not unsurprisingly we've held off getting any more for a bit. I figure that we've got to get them young and be there enough to handle them regularly so that they're used to it. That means being on-site, or at least nearby. We have started enquiring about rentals or house-sitting nearby and hope to be finished enough with the architect that we can put our Aranui house on the market quite soon. Before we can do that we have to build Nick's workshop out there so that we can move all of his stuff out of the garage. We can put our own furniture in storage if necessary but we really don't want to have to move the workshop more than once. Canty Faire Piccies will be up soon.