Friday, March 23, 2007

Engineering - check!

Its a bit of a big day today - not only is it Nick's 40th birthday but we just heard that the engineer has finished with our house plans. So now all we have to do is get the architects to do the final drawing and we can submit for our building consent. We're also almost finished getting quotes for putting up a barn/workshop which will allow us to move Nick's workshop over, sell our Aranui house and go flatting on the 'right' side of town to be closer to the beasties. As for the birthday boy - he's keeping it fairly quiet. We're going out for dinner tonight to our favourite restaurant Indochine, just the two of us like we did for my birthday at Christmas. I got him a book that he's been drooling over for months - great big close-up pictures of armour from the Churburg Armoury. I'll add to LibraryThing just as soon as I can find a record of it or can be bothered entering it manually.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Hey, LibraryThing which allows users to create a sort of online catalogue of up to 200 books for free (or more for a fee), also has this neat chunk of code that you can insert into a web page that will pull up random books from your library. I've stuck it over on the right there. Clicking on one of the covers or links will take you to amazon - not to my LibraryThing page.