Thursday, May 17, 2007

House's last day plus workshop projects finished

On the farm
Today is House's last day. We went out last weekend and I took a few photos of the boys in all their fluffyness. It was quite late in the day but here's a nice one of him having some hay with Riley who is still the smallest. I wonder how they'll respond to losing House as he's quite dominant despite having no horns. Aardbeg's horns are looking magnificent these days. We had planned to buy some heifers this year but with the house project moving so slowly we're putting it off until next year. Also we're trying to save as much money as we can for the buildings that we need.

In the workshop
Nick finished a couple of workshop projects yesterday which he is very happy about.
First up is a sword which is for an order - there are several photos on Flickr

And he also has make a lovely ebony handled dagger - none of my photos came out terribly well but here's an OK one. As you can see it has a very crisp pattern. This one is for sale.

Close-up of the handle and pommel

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Final design drawings

OK - here are the house final design elevations and floorplans.

Ground Floor

First floor

Second Floor

South elevation (front door)

North elevation (garden, BBQ area etc)

East elevation (laundry door)

West elevation (from gate)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome Louie

Yay I'm an auntie again and this time its a boy! Louie Marcus Nikau was born yesterday (Mother's Day heh heh) to Abs and Kate and from what I was told last night all is well. Go to their blog for pictures.

Apart from that I had a pretty cruisy weekend - went out with Nick yesterday to see the animals - coos are looking big and fluffy and so are the horses. Poor Lad has hurt one of his back legs a bit although he's not favouring it at all it is still quite swollen. Made good progress on the dress - lots of hand sewing but my arms seem to be OK so far.

Here are some photos of some completed items from the last couple of months - all on my Flikr page

Fancy silk sleeves with slashes and aglets. Based on these ones in the 1565 portrait of Elizabeth of Valois

Blue silk corset

Pink damask skirt

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy ME day

Well we finally have plans that we can call finished - at least to the point where we could put them in to council for our building consent. Except that we've got to go back to our various providers for new quotes on the finished specs. Nick took the plans into Placemakers last week and apparently they apologised for the expected delay of 12 days. Frankly if they can do it in 12 days I'll be impressed - some quotes last time round took 3 months. Once we've got all the quotes together we'll know whether we can afford to go ahead and we'll apply for the consent. Nick's arranged for a real estate agent to pop around this evening although I think that its a bit early as we could not move until the shed/workshop's built anyway and we're still waiting on a quote for doing it in block (so it will fit in better with the house). We've got several quotes for kitset type barns but Nick would prefer block - and block will cut the sound better too. That also will have to wait on a building consent so its a wee way away. We're also waiting to hear (any day now) of our latest addition to the Hindin family as Abs is due to give birth any day now. Actually the baby will be baby Nikau as that is Kate and Abs' joint family name. I have finished my corset and it looks pretty fab, and I've made my slashy sleeves with 120 aglets which look very very cool. I still have heaps of aglets left. I have cut out the bodice for my green silk gown but I need to buy the velvet ribbon before I can begin making it up. On the farm front our biggest coo is due to meet the home-kill man in a couple of weeks - a first for us. We've had to forgo getting the hide tanned as its an involved and expensive process that we cannot currently afford - certainly later we'd like to do this but it will have to wait. Finally, today is ME awareness day and I can report that I am very aware. I'm back at the gym after a couple of weeks off and tonight I'm getting some new programmes which hopefully will get me back on track. I have had some very up and down (mostly down) weeks but a new publishing schedule at work might help that. Also Nick and I have booked a week in Queenstown with our airpoints - late July - so that is something to look forward to. We had hoped to take a holiday in Port Douglas, (Aus) but you couldn't use air dollars for the flights + accommodation so it wasn't going to work out as our main goal was to use the $700 worth that was about to expire.