Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome Louie

Yay I'm an auntie again and this time its a boy! Louie Marcus Nikau was born yesterday (Mother's Day heh heh) to Abs and Kate and from what I was told last night all is well. Go to their blog for pictures.

Apart from that I had a pretty cruisy weekend - went out with Nick yesterday to see the animals - coos are looking big and fluffy and so are the horses. Poor Lad has hurt one of his back legs a bit although he's not favouring it at all it is still quite swollen. Made good progress on the dress - lots of hand sewing but my arms seem to be OK so far.

Here are some photos of some completed items from the last couple of months - all on my Flikr page

Fancy silk sleeves with slashes and aglets. Based on these ones in the 1565 portrait of Elizabeth of Valois

Blue silk corset

Pink damask skirt

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