Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby announcement

Nick just rang me at work to say that Zoe has foaled - a bay colt with some white on its rear legs - so it sounds just like Lad. We're going to knock off early to go see so look for piccy's later this evening or maybe tomorrow.

Update Thursday 13th - here's the photos promised - I would have done it last night but we have our first open house on Sunday and SCA collegium on Saturday so I was running out of time to empty the loom room. I don't think that its been so empty the entire time we've been in the place.

Anyway, more about the colt. He's a big'un - I'm now not surprised that Zoe was so enormous on Sunday when we went to see her or that she seemed so in need of huggles - not her normal MO at all. He spent most of the time that we were there trying to get a drink or sit down. He was still pretty wobbly but Dani said that he'd been on his feet most of the afternoon so he was pretty tired - just a bit unsure how to actually go about sitting. That's a lot of leg to organise. Look for more pictures at flickr.


Seraphim said...

Baby animals trying to coordinate long legs just cracks me up. I bet he'll be hooning around the paddock in no time.

ME said...

Very Cute!