Friday, June 13, 2008

House update

Well we finally have a finishing schedule. We're supposed to have handover on August 22 which is just scraping in as our lease ends that weekend. I've started doing things like selecting the wallpaper for the theatre room. I've found some fabulous ones and some of them are quite expensive but my firm favourite so far is this design by Nina Campbell: Fleur de Lys Court from the Birdcage Walk book.

We've also just about finished the lighting plan - I just have to sort out a fabric to cover the main light in the Dining bay - I have a back-up which is a sort of ruched dupion silk look fabric in a similar red to that in the wallpaper - although they are for different rooms I want to have splashes of red around. Its actually been very difficult to find the right reds. There's lots of bricky and winey colours but much less in this red lacquer / crimson kind of tones. I've picked out a pretty cool light for the entrance hallway - its glass and semi-opaque in bits - here's a not very good picture.

Right now they're finishing the gib - which has caused a bit of panic for us. Nick got out there last night to find that they had put piles of polystyrene outside which had blown around in the wind and panicked the new mares Lil and Anna through their electric fence and into the next paddock. So in the pitch black he had to sort them out into a new enclosure away from the polystyrene which had also blown right across our neighbours paddocks as well. Needless to say we're pretty unhappy (again). And the week hadn't gotten off to a good start for Fowlers as when we were out on Sunday they had left such a mess of food scraps, empty and partially empty drink bottles, food wrappers etc inside the house - it was really disgusting - I took about 20 photos as "documentation". Nick tells me that this had been tidied up but even so - we don't need to start attracting rodents into our house before we're even in it!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Horsey stuff

I haven't really said much about Lil yet, mainly because I've been distracted by Tybalt's illness (she's getting about now). We had a couple of nice rides last weekend and Jenni took some lovely pictures which I have put on my Flickr - tagged as Lil. She's settled down really well and while I haven't really been pushing her at all (or myself for that matter) we have tried a couple of new things, well for me anyway. I had hoped to try her with the Rings game on Queen's birthday Monday but the weather was quite crappy. Instead I moved all the house plant pots up to the house while Nick dug around inside the digger which has stopped going (unsuccessfully unfortunately). Hopefully the weather will stay nice this weekend and we'll be able to get in a games session and maybe a road ride. We've also packed Jack off to Suzie's for weaning. Jenni took some great photos of the float loading process - he really didn't want to go even though his Mum was on board. But he was resistant - not frantic and arrived quite excited but not sweated up or anything. We put him in a small paddock alongside the arena and mummy got to play a bit. Actually Zoe went really well given that she hasn't been ridden in a couple of years really. Nick is planning to ride her through winter and we'll get her in foal again this spring. Like Lil she has a cutting background so should take to the games like the duck to water. I've just finished reading a fabulous book about riding side saddle called The Art of Side Saddle by Rosamund Owen. I've always wanted to give it a try and according to most the horses take to it very easily. Its also been having a bit of a come-back - one of the local riding schools was giving lessons last year and there are still women hunting side saddle, taking on huge jumps and winning competitions against astride riders too. Of course modern side saddle is not much like medieval side saddle, however apparently Catherine de Medici was the first to sling her right leg over the horn of the saddle so its possibly in-period for an Elizabethan. I however have decided to ride astride, in men's costume, in the SCA. I have 9.5m of light brown cotton velvet to make a pair of trunk-hose, doublet and hopefully if there's enough left over a short cloak. I've decided to make a leather morion that will slip over my riding helmet. Its great to be enthused by a project again - its just difficult finding the time to actually work on it.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tybalt on the mend

Well after several visits to the vet it looks like Tybalt is on the mend. After leaving her at the vet's on Wednesday I called on Thursday and the vet expressed surprise with her recovery. We picked her up on Friday evening and brought her home for the long weekend. She's been eating well and drinking although its a bit of a struggle to get her to take her pills. I've gone to crushing them in her food. She's not mobile yet. Saturday and Sunday mostly all she could do was pull herself around on her forelegs but by Monday she was beginning to get her back legs under her and crouch and this morning she tried to get off my lap. She's still not strong enough to walk yet though - but there is definite improvement every day and she's perky and purring. We bought her a supply of polar-fleece throws from the warehouse and a hot water bottle to keep her snug and cosy. The polar fleece is great because its so easy to wash.