Friday, August 29, 2008

Week One

Well we've been in all of a week and I guess I should tell you how it went. Last Friday: possession day. It was a fine day and we got there at about 10:30 with a modest load from Madras St, and went through the house with Dustin. The builder was here busily putting handles on doors (all day) and the plumber was also here, making some last minute adjustments to nick's shower. Mostly things looked good although there are still a few things to be done. Dustin was being very agreeable and there were lots of promises to organise for things to be finished over the next few weeks.

Jenni came in and gave us a hand moving things in. One of the things still to be done is a re-oiling of the entire wood floors so that's the kitchen, living/dining room, theatre lounge and hallways so we have left the big and heavy furniture that goes in these rooms so that we don't have to move it twice.

By the end of the day I was fairly exhausted but we headed back to madras st to pick up enough food etc to feed ourselves for a couple of days. Saturday was a beuatiful day and we had loads of helpers. First up Nick met Rob in town with the float and they brought out the half-full freezer, our old fridge and a few other big things. Meanwhile I moved lots of boxes and smaller items. Then Suzie and jenni arrived and things got majorly underway. A bit later Tycho and Liz turned up on the bike and that was enough strong people to drag the freezer into the garage where it now lives. That really was the bulk of it. Pretty much everyone brought wine and by mid-afternoon we were mostly pooped out sitting around drinking wine.

Went to bed tired and happy... got up after 1/2 hour and took strong painkillers. Sunday was the day for my family and was dull and rainy. We pretty much just kept emptying boxes all day and moving stuff around. Nick bought some wood from Crusaders but it was terribly wet.

Monday Nick went to work and I stayed behind. It had been pissing down all night and rained constantly. I felt very farmerly going out to feed the horses hay in my boots and oilskin and beany. In the morning Becky came out with Isla and Mathilda and parked way down by the pumpshed as there was a huge puddle at the second gate. After she left I went into town and cleaned the Madras St place. Sarah had kindly offered to help, she is now a professional cleaner, but she'd already helped so much and there wasn't THAT much to do. Except that I didn't finish until about 3, oh well. Never mind.

Tuesday Rang Telecom to come and put in phone lines, rang city Firewood to deliver firewood. happily both coming Thursday afternoon which makes my scheduling easier. Had my first alone at home day and it was blissful, although still very wet. Wednesday Back into town for shopping (bathmats etc), work to pick up laptop and loaner wireless card from Dad (yay!!) and drop off keys to madras St. Crossing fingers that that all goes OK. Also finally went to shop to use voucher - bought a glass cake cover that I'd been looking for for about 2 years - none of the are wide enough to take a good sized and tallish cake - how silly. Danni and Al came for dinner and danni brought a magnificent pudding.

Thursday The first day that I've really had time to sit around and think, oh now what should I do. Wonderful!! Also a lovely warm sunny day. Took Zoe and Lil's covers off and put them on the long grass for a good feed as they are a bit thin. Wood came, nice and dry - they are good there. Telecom many came and put in the cables but he can't hook us up as there needs to be a network box on the road. Could take TWO WEEKS!!!. At least i now have internet. And we can finally fill in the trench, which means a couple of hours on the excavator for some keen person. Luckily there are always blokes happy to play with the digger. Watched The Incredibles on the new projector, just projected on the wall but its amazingly good. Completely redefines watching at home. Way better than the projector that they had at Madras St. Wow... so that's been my week. There's been so much happen I have now doubt left out important things. Many thanks to everyone who came out to help us move. All going well we'll have a housewarming party in a couple of months but I'd like to have a driveway and doorstep first. Well time to go feed the horses again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The day before the day before

Had a manic weekend but achieved a lot. We now have a letterbox, and by Friday will be able to receive mail. Nick's half-brother (?) Sam helped him him get the digger going on Saturday and ran it down our trench evening the surface out so that we could finally drop the water pipe into it. The digger had been broken down for a couple of months and until this was done we couldn't get Telecom in to lay in a phone line. We won't have a phone when we move in but at least we can get that ball rolling now. I got a bit sunburnt on the face, either that or I'm picking up Nick's flu... which would be bad - he's at home today. It take a lot for Nick to stay home sick. The house is looking good - we went out last night to feed the beasties and met the cleaners. Although there are still quite a few things that need taking care of - paint retouching, interior door handles, shower walls / doors, re-plastering, damage to the wood floors, and they need to be re-oiled. A lot of this stuff could have been avoided with a little care but they don't take even the most basic precautions against damage. Several of our outside door handles and windows are badly scratched up by one of the contractors dogs - who also left a few parcels around the property. But still we're looking forward to being in finally - and having our own stuff again. And I'm sure Nick's looking forward to getting the shed back and being able to start setting it up as the workshop. Of course we still have a lot of work ahead: drive way needs doing, door steps etc - basically all of the outdoors stuff.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I think that I'm in shock. My arms feel like they're floating and the room is buzzing and I'm quite light-headed. I just got to work to be told that the last three weeks of work, wrapping new style-sheets and templates around the libraries' website has been lost. Over-written on a server that isn't being backed up. We were supposed to go live with it this Saturday ... well that ain't gonna happen. I actually feel quite reluctant to start over. I just want to go home. Maybe that's not it, maybe its the $12000 quote for curtains that came last night. Or maybe its having gone to the gym for the first time in weeks last night.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Less than a fortnight to go!!!

Yes that's right, we're supposed to move in in a little under two weeks. The painting is almost finished (they still have to do outside around the surfeits), the tiling is moving along quite well. We have been trying to decide on curtains and have found really nice fabrics that don't cost a fortune, including this one for the bedroom. This week they'll do the lighting and plumbing so by next weekend it should be nearly there. Then they have to re-oil the floor and we won't be able to step on it for a couple of days and we should move in the following weekend. A couple of things won't be entirely finished: the wallpaper won't arrive from overseas on time, but should be able to be done shortly after. The special meile hob is not going to arrive for several months because even though we told them what we wanted last December they have only just gone to order it and discovered that it will have to come from overseas and may not arrive until November. We're less happy about that. And we won't have wardrobe fixtures as we've decided to do them ourselves, except for our walk-in which we're going to get a modular system from which are quite nice and we can install ourselves.