Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lightening has just foaled - about 45 minutes ago (7:20 ish). A wee bay colt with his mum's thin blaze and a couple of white feet like his Dad. Its a bit cold but fine. We're still waiting for it to get on its feet. yay!! Photos soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Labour Weekend

Well I managed to drag Nick to the St Crispin's event and we took Zoe too. Earlier in the week he'd though that Lad would be OK but as the week went on Lad's "its spring and I'm horny all the time" behaviour made it clear that that would be more interesting than we'd like. The drawback with Zoe was that she's not exactly in work. In fact she's only been ridden about four times over the past month and that was it for the last two years. Oh and she'd had her first introduction to the stands and the sticks (mini-lances for playing rings) on Thursday. While she got OK about the stands, she really doesn't like that stick. Anyway he rode her a bit and tried her with ther 'heads' and rings games but she wasn't keen. So he did it all on Willow. Willow'd a big part clydie mare who has been extensively Parellied, and is ridden in a string halter. As both Nick and Vanessa commented - she pretty much does what she wants. Anyway its a start. Over the next couple of months we'll try to get Zoe more used to the stick. In house related news we finally picked up the flash new wardrobe bits from and started putting that together - we've got the short end and corner up and still have the long side to do. Its a bit tricky - some bits are definitely a two person job. But it looks great - and really solid. On Labour day Monday Nick went to the annual Southern Woods sale and bought over 100 mixed NZ trees and a couple of quinces. He's planted the quinces and some of the trees around the house - its great to get those areas started. Now we're all go for the housewarming on Friday - I've had lots of offers of help and have taken the Friday off for preparation. We're also having a small pre-BBQ for assorted people who can't stay for the evening and other reasons. I have my costume mostly done - a bit more sewing tonight should see it finished. It should be fun. We're in the normal dis-array. Too much to do. But its a good prelude to my 40th birthday party this Christmas - I haven't worked out when yet but several friends are coming down some time between Christmas and New Year so possibly in there somewhere.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wallpaper, hack hack cough cough

Grumble, I've had a terrible cold/virus thing for the last week and have lost the best part of a week to it. Probably don't have any sick leave left now so it'll come out of my annual leave. Anyway, the wallpaper is up and looks freakin' fantastic. Especially with the blood red curtains next to it. I'm not posting pictures - you'll just have to visit. Hah! Well maybe after the housewarming.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Over the weekend we set up a pioneer component stereo system that we have on loan. It came with a record player, which even had a needle on it. this wouldn't normally be worth mentioning, after all many hard-core musicos still play vinyl by preference. But for me its been very interesting. See as long as I've been with him (which by the way will be 20 years this time next year), Nick's been dragging around a beer crate of records - which he's never played in all that time - even though for the first 8-10 years we did have a record-capable stereo. Last year I even went through and made a list of them with the (mutual) expectation of dragging them to the second-hand record place and selling the lot. Nick was even informed that some might be worth a bit. Anyway, he's been playing some of them. Its been quite a revelation. And I've been quite enjoying them, mostly. There was quite a fun track on one with a woman singing about her car. I'm hoping to borrow a USB player from a colleague and rip them, now that limited format-shifting is legal (in NZ). He'll probably be playing them at out house warming. Here's the list
Public Image (PiL) This is not a love song: special edition
The Damned The Black Album
The Damned Music for Pleasure
The Damned Strawberries
The Damned Machine Gun Etiquette
Buzzcocks A different kind of tension
Lou Reed Growing Up In Public
Lou Reed Transformer
The Velvet Underground White Light / White Heat
The Fall 77 - Early Years - 79
The Fall The Fall Live
Bauhaus 4AD
New Order Substance
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division Closer
Jefferson Airplane The Worst of Jefferson Airplance
Blue Sunshine The Glove
The Cure Boys don't cry
Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady
Shriekback Limited edition
King Swamp King Swamp
Shriekback Jam Science
Shriekback Big Night Music
Shriekback The Infinte
Shriekback Care
The Pogues Red Roses for Me
The Pogues Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
Warren Zevon A Quiet Normal Life
redskins Keep on Keepin' On
Shriekback Oil and gold
John Cooper Clarke Me and My Big Mouth
David Bowie Ziggy Stardust the motion picture
Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy
Talking Heads True Stories
Talking Heads Little Creatures
Yello 1980 - 1985 The New Mix in One Go
Talking Heads Stop Making Sense
Split Enz Waiata
Split Enz Time and Tide
No Idea Class War
Southern Front
The Newz Heard the Newz
Goats Milk Soap

Monday, October 06, 2008

Busy bees

Wow its been a busy few days. Last week Nathan called to say that he could come and do our fencing so Nick and I rushed home to make some decisions. By Friday it was all over and we spent some of the weekend hammering on rails and (well in Nick's case) string wires. Not a moment too soon really as Lightning is due to foal in a couple of weeks. Really a month ago I was still unconvinced that she was pregnant as she looked much as she did when we bought her, having just weaned her previous foal. But now there's no doubt and the book says mid to late October which means that we should have another baby by our house warming. We've also been paying for a few big items and its a bit of a crunch to see the bank balance dropping at an alarming rate - but them's the breaks. At least I finally have gotten around to contacting our ex-landlords and arranging for the bond back, plus the two weeks rent that I had accidentally overpaid when I thought that I'd stopped the auto-payments but actually hadn't. I spent much of the weekend painting the wardrobe rail supports and shelves in the two spare bedrooms which are currently housing our mundane and SCA wardrobes. I got the last of those hung this morning before work and can now start putting a few more things away. There are still many boxes in those rooms but I'm hoping to have them a bit more ship-shape by our housewarming (email invites went out last week - print ones this week - some of my email addresses are a bit out of date). Speaking of email we tried doing internet at home on the weekend and the dial-up connection is so bad that we're constantly getting dropped and when connected the speed is often less that 20kbps. Absolutely useless. I have to ring telecom and see if they can do anything about it but my hopes aren't high. Should have curtains by the weekend (master BR and theatre room) that will be a relief - especially in our bedroom! The wallpaper(s) have arrived and will be delivered on Wednesday also but no date for hanging. Hopefully that will be done by the end of the month too.