Friday, May 22, 2009

New shoes

New shoes
Originally uploaded by Simone Hindin
beaut new shoes from Wild Pair - had a bit of a shopathon at lunch time. Also bought leather jacket at max and a new skirt.

Completely unrelated but its easier for me to blog from flickr than to log into my blogger account and do it there - nuts! Also Telecom promised us a flickr pro account with our broadband account but now it turns out I have to get a new xtra email account AND make a new flickr account to actually use it - that sucks.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those shoes!!!


Kebabette said...

Very cute shoes Simone, are they Irregular Choice? With regards to flickr pro and xtra, I transferred from my pro to the free xtra pro ... But sorry I haven't kept the instructions. I emailled xtra to ask them how to do it.

Lacey said...

That's fabulous!! Beautiful print of those black shoes!! Those are looking so cute!!