Monday, June 22, 2009


Well I'm on leave this week and so far am enjoying it immensely. I have finally finished the curtains in the living / dining room and I'm very happy with them. Here's a piccy of the dining ones up. I got the fabric from the Fabric House on Madras St and am hoping to find more for the bedrooms later. On the weekend we went out to Suzie's to pick up her car which we're borrowing for the week while they're doing more work on the Surf. Its looking like we may have to get a whole new engine after all. Anyway I got to see Jack for the first time since he's left here, about a year. He's really grown. Well no surprise there. He really looks like a wee horse now and is a lovely bright bay, much like Twilight. He also has his dad's lovely face and eyes in particular. I only had my Palm so this isn't a great picture. Also he would not stay still. Suzie wanted to try loading him on the horse float and while he was a bit hesitant he went on more easily than Lad does. He's going to be a lovely horse. We reckoned that he's about 14.2 hands now and will go at least 15. And that's about it. I'm hoping to catch up with family during the week and am looking forward to Yule on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

demon drink

Ha! I've figured out at least part of why I've been worse again this year. It's just seemed like I wasn't having the good weeks that I had a year ago. Anyway, when I was first diagnosed with CFS I stopped drinking alcohol completely - partly because the anti-depressants that I'm on say "limit alcohol". Then last year I found that I could have the occasional drink - more than one and I'd feel a bit worse the next day. Well that went from having the odd one or two, to having one drink most nights, usually a yummy macs great white or black, sometimes a glass of wine. And its taken its toll. Seems the odd one here and there's OK but regular, even minimal consumption is no good. Anyway I've been dry for a week and am feeling much better than the previous week. We're going out on Friday to a new place and I'm going to let myself have one. And I get to wear my new shoes :-) I've started letting Kiwi off her leash when we walk down the quiet back roads. She's mostly good but is very much lead by her nose, which is OK except when she follows it onto the road. But I've started working on that with just a "No" and even after two or three I could see her start to hesitate before wandering onto the road so. She's also just moved into her big shiny run that Nick's made so she can get out and wander around. Its even got a little self-filling water bowl - works just like a horse trough. Next up - a new kennel. Very exciting - we met a whippet on our walk today - she liked that. This is her napping on her bean bag aka the tuffett.