Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going out

Hmm, don't know what to call this one? We went out last Saturday night - went to Tony Astle's new spanish restaurant pre-movie. they were doing an early (between 5 - 6) set menu meal for $20 although I then had a cocktail and we all ordered an extra side dish so it came to more like $35 - $40 each ($109 for 3). But it was very nice. There was still quite a lot of options in te set menu which i hadn't expected. I had chorizo with white beans in a tomato-y sauce and the a side of cracked wheat with pistachios which was really very nice. Jenni and I both had citrus crema catalana and it was lovely - Nick had spanish donuts with chocolate sauce. Then we went to the latest Harry Potter epic. Not having read the books I didn't know what was going to happen. I thought that it lacked the zing of some earlier movies - definite feeling of impending doom and desperation is beginning to show through. Maybe that's how its supposed to be. But all in all a good night out. Oh and we saw the shorts for a few movies I've been looking forward to - Coraline and Where the Wild Things Are which looks great. I have worked out that Saturday is really the only night I can go out because it can't be a night where I'm going to work the next day and it can't be a night where I've been at work because that means Kiwi's been in her run all day and she needs to come out and be walked and I can manage working all day, coming home and walking her, and then going back into town for a do. A bit of a bummer but at least I can manage going out a bit one night a week.

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