Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitchen splashback

Kitchen splashback
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Well its finally in and I can say that I am very very happy with it. The colour (resene jalapeno) is just right. Its a bit hard to see in the photos because it picks up so much light - you can even see me taking the photo in the reflection. Also depending on the angle it picks up a bit of the blue from the cupboards but it all works.
Also the Glass Room guys were excellent to work with, such a relief. Anyway now we can get our code of compliance certificate or whatever.

In other house related stuff I'm hoping to get the kitchen blinds cut down as I made them too long - they should be another couple of weeks.

Zoe's looking very big - her tummy has a distinct bulge at the bottom, but Nick reckons its a couple of days away yet.

And I have nearly completed all the eyelets on my new gown (cote) for the feast this Saturday. Yay.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Interesting weekend

The animals are going through a bit of a bad patch. Nick had to dispatch our fluffy black silky rooster last week because it got sick and sicker. Then Twilight developed an infection post-snip. Lil has something in her mane and down her neck which we think is either a bacterial or fungal infection - its making her wicked itchy and she's got a couple of raw spots. Luckily because we had the vet out for Twilight on Saturday we have got some medicated shampoo to wash her in twice a week. There is still the potential that she is pregnant but she wouldn't be due until February if she was. Both Lad and Kiwi have an infection of naughtiness, maybe related to spring. With Lad it seems to be threatening to drop Nick if he asks for a canter on the less-favoured lead. With Kiwi its stealing food - she developed a taste for chocolate dog treats and ate the box Saturday evening and then on Sunday she stole some hot beef off the bench. Ok in both cases we shouldn't have left them out. But I had bought the chocolate treats a month ago in a last-ditch attempt to find her a treat that she actually likes, but she had shown little interest. Previous so-called treats such as schmakos and beggin' strips left her completely cold and were regularly dropped on the ground rather than eaten. I'm having to mix in a spoonful of mince with her dog food to make it interesting for her. Apart from that, Nick and I had a lovely night out with Rachael and her new man and his friend at Corianders in Rolleston. I read about half of a new book - Dog Boy - about a 4 year old boy adopted by a dog pack in Moscow. Apparently based on a true story and very engaging. I also have out a book about Margaret of York called the Diabolical Duchess but have only read a bit of it so far. And I have made a lot of progress on my new cote that I am making for the Feast of Sir Percival in October. This is the first SCA event that I've been excited about for a long time and I am really looking forward to it. Both Nick and I have new cream coloured laurel patterned damask cotes to wear under our blue houppelandes. His just needs the buttonholes made and my needs the lining, hem and lacing holes. I will do the latter by hand if I have time but everything else I am machine sewing. I had forgotten how fast it goes with a machine and am really liking seeing it come together so quickly. I haven't done much costume recently - the last thing I finished was some trunkhose for riding in and as that is intended to be part of a suit with matching doublet and cloak I don't really feel like its finished. Sort of a bit of a let down not to have a horse to ride in them also. Maybe next year. I Lil produces a foal I might convince Nick to let me have Zoe as a riding horse and keep Lil as a broodmare for a few seasons or at least until (if) her leg heals. wow two posts within a fortnight

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Well (again) its been a while since I blogged last. There are two real reasons for that a) I've been very busy at work and tired at home, and b) I've been tweeting all the wee things that happen so haven't felt the urgency to get it all down in a post. So what's been happening? Well Zoe's about 3 weeks due to foal and Twilight has finally been gelded so there's some progress there. No noticeable improvement with Lil's leg though. But I'm remembering that when I injured my finger - strained a ligament - it took well over a year to stop hurting and even now I can move that fingertip horizontally way more than any of my other fingers. Um that means moving it out of line with the finger - horizontally isn't quite right. Everything is very springy out here - lots of completely adorable lambs with their waggly little tails and in fact more and more without the tails. The magnolia that I bought has flowered in its pot and is almost done and most of our fruit trees are in bloom although I don't expect to get much this year. Hopefully by the end of this year they'll be established enought to do some growing and branching. We bought two apples on the weekend - a Cox's Orange and Peasgood Nonsuch. Our ideas for the 'back yard' are firming up and our next big expenditure will be getting Mark to scrape back the soil and flatten the area which is going to be paved. Then we can do the paving. But before that can happen we need to move Kiwi's run to around the side of the shed. And before THAT can happen we need to move the stuff (pallets, workshop benches etc) from the side of the shed. And before that... well you get the picture, there's heaps to do and neither of us are particularly energetic on the weekends really. Last week Richard from The Glassroom came around and measured us up for a glass splashback in the kitchen. Getting that done will mean that we can get our code of compliance certificate which would be good to have done. He reckoned it would be ready this week. Its going to be another splash of deep blood red (Resene Jalapeno) and should really finish the kitchen.