Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas return to normalcy (almost)

Why is it that even a few hours of family Christmas wears me out for days? I went splat on Boxing day and it was SOOO hot that I wasn't the only one. The cooler weather yesterday provoked me to do some computer stuff that I had intended to do for some weeks. Our PC had run out of space because the hard drive had been partitioned but everything was going on one partition. So a colleague at work gave me some software to adjust the partition settings, and ghost to make a full back-up first. But running ghost has totally stuffed something and now it can't even find the operating system. I had put all my files and all our shared files on the external drive but Nick hadn't moved his so all his files, which includes our business accounts info, is locked inside a PC we can't boot. So that pretty much fucked yesterday. I felt so bad that by mid afternoon I was feeling physically sick. Anyway, feeling much better today - its still cool but dry so we've done a few things outside. We have removed Tyr's bandage, hopefully for good. He's walking on it OK although he seemed a bit freaked by it at first. We'll have a look later today to see how its looking. I've just planted my last couple of lavenders in the bed under the bedroom windows. I'd dug it out last week but it needed some 'enrichment product' dug in and was too hot for planting really. Nick is currently out long-reining Twilight. He's picking it up really well and has handled being saddled (not ridden obviously) like a pro. Although the other day after we'd done Nick accidentally let Kiwi into the paddock and she ran around like a mad thing getting Twi' upset. He starts bucking and kicking and Kiwi's so high she's completely ignoring both Nick and me although I was most concerned with not getting kicked as I was holding Twilight. Kiwi got two new toys for Christmas, a squeaky duck aka Mr Duck and a kong which is one of those rubber toys you stuff with food. She is very happy with both.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Boots - Laila

New Boots - Laila
Originally uploaded by Simone Hindin
Wearing these new boots today - pretty comfy except that my toes went a bit numb over lunch today. You can't really see in the photo but they sort of change colour - purple to green and gold.


We got our Tivo last week and are just loving it. Its already changing the way we watch TV and we haven't even hooked up the home networking side of things yet. If nothing else it has greatly improved the TV clarity even though Nick still has to add in the hi-def cable. We've recorded heaps of movies over the weekend and are getting lots of shows that are on at funny times. Its great just to be able to record anything that we might want to watch and have it waiting there for us when we have time or are in the mood to watch. You can even just start watching something ten minutes later than it started and be watching it while it is recording. And you can be recording different things on two channels while watching something on another channel or a DVD. Nick also bought a new centre speaker and the sound quality is greatly enhanced - its really like going to the cinema. Once we hook up the home networking bit we can watch/listen to stuff off our PC and save recorded shows to the hard drive. But first we have a bit of home PC maintenance to do. I need to do a big back-up and then Nigel at work has given me some software to tweak the hard drive partitioning.
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Christmas gifts rant(ish)

Min's gift-list rules
  • Cash is not a Christmas present, vouchers are OK in a pinch.
  • Christmas/Birthday gifts are not a needs acquisition process - having said that practical gifts, and consumable gifts are great.
  • The gift should speak to the giver as well as the giftee.
  • Wishlists must include a variety of gifts at a variety of costs. For every item over $40 there should be a couple under $20, or whatever. One or two items does not constitute a 'list'.
For some weird reason almost everyone that I have friended on Wishlistr shows up twice in my friends list. Its a handy site but has a few gremlins. I'm only about 1/4 way through my shopping but have the week before Christmas off and intend to do much making of sweeties. Does anyone have a source for non-farmed, hot smoked salmon?
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