Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pane Toscano

I don't remember the source of this recipe but I do remember using it to make oven tray sized pizzas for friends at the house on Webb St, (now encased in scaffolding, I don't know if it's badly damaged) so its been around a while. Anyway I just wrote this up to email with Lu and thought that I'd share it more widely. 2 Tb = 28 gms dry yeast  1/2 cup warm water 1/2 cup + 1 Tb plain flour (I always use bread flour) 5 cups flour Pinch salt 1 3/4 cup warm water. Dissolve yeast in 1/2 cup water. Add 1/2 cup flour, roll into a ball and sprinkle with tb flour. This is the sponge Allow that to rise until doubled. Place 4 cups of the rest of the flour on your kneading surface and form a hollow in the centre. Place your sponge in the hollow along with 1/2 cup of the 1 3/4 cups of wam water. Start mixing it gently, adding flour from the sides alternately with more water until all the water is in. Knead until all the flour is incorporated or you feel that the consistency is about right. Knead another 20 minutes. Shape your dough and rise for and hour. Bake n a preheated oven at 200 , it should take about 40 minutes. Also makes a great, huge pizza.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tooth fairy time

I had my first season at the dentist on Friday, having my old amalgam fillings replaced with ceramics. This is not about how they look but is another hopeful attempt to do something about my M.E. Heavy metal toxicity ( or something) associated with amalgam fillings has been pointed at by several of the books that I've read and was even something that my pretty traditional doctor, alternative sacro- cranial therapist and long term dentist all agreed on. So even though it's going to be expensive I've got to give it a go. I was supposed to endure four sessions fortnights apart but because of having to shift my appointments around because of post- earthquake renovations I have actually ended up with hour long appointments each Friday this month. As nick likes to take Fridays in December off anyway, and doing it on Friday gives me the weekend to recover in, it's actually worked out pretty well. I'll also have one about mid January. The hour actually went pretty quickly. Tony had to give me several local anasthetic injections but that's partly because he has a no pain philosophy so if I twitched even a little he'd add a bit more. Nick picked me up afterwards which was really necessary though because I was pretty shattered and would probably have had a good wee snooze if I hadn't been hosting Southron Gaard's Christmas revel at our place the next day. Tony also said that these three were the worst ones so hopefully next weeks lot won't be so bad.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween

Well our Halloween party went off without a hitch although we'd massively over-catered with plenty of food that ever made it out of the pantry. It was mostly SCA friends although Dad and Becky came and had dinner then left early-ish . Everyone left somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00 and we fell into bed although first I had to wash off a lot of black paint. t was quite odd as it dried entirely and then became flaky. Here's pictures of me, Dad and Becky. Nick copped out but as he did heaps of cooking and sorting out of outside things that's OK. I went as Hel.
 Our new SCA pavilion has arrived but we haven't had time to unpack it yet. I am looking forward to having something a bit smaller for tourneys etc and somewhere that's ours down by the field at Canterbury Faire. Its OK sitting under the big pavillion but you can't leave anything there and there's often so much armour and other stuff left lying about its hard to move around. Anyway my plan is to paint our arms on it and the Heorot badge, well its more a symbol really - a bit like a red asterix.

So all in all I'm better than I have been for a while. Actually not feeling so great but I seem to be able to do a fair bit without 'falling over'. Which is just as well as I have been up to a lot. As well as last weekend's party I am running a daytime event for Christmas revel, have just completed a feather fan for the Realm of Venus Idle Hands Challenge and am also working on a new red wool cote which I have been hand sewing (just the outer layer). Its going to have smart gold buttons up the sleeves but as its for an under gown mostly I'll have it lace up the front.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Repairs sorted

So we've finally signed off on our EQC repairs which is great, but the process leaves me with some serious concerns for the future. There were many items that required doing more than once. Some were just stupid mistakes or poor planning but other things were just covered up rather than properly repaired - one little aftershock up the road and the cracks showed again. I should clarify, I'm not concerned about our place, but its only OK because we got quite involved in overseeing the repairs so what about people who aren't able to do that?

Other than that we're mostly good. Nick and Oli have been making huge progress around the place - the paving is almost done, just the odd shaped pieces that had to be cut are still to lay, and lot more trees planted. The fruit trees that had been a bit sad down by the pump shed are really coming away, thanks to last year's watering I think, and the newer ones by the house are doing well too. None of them are productive yet, although we might get something this year if we buy and use some bird netting.

Work is OK, rumour is that we'll be moving into a central city location in November which will relieve me of the driving that I've been doing for the past couple of months. That will be good as there are days when I get home quite shattered. I'm still working from home two days a week so that helps.

Currently looking forward to:
  • SCA demo this weekend at Ellesmere show,
  • Halloween party,
  • SCA events in general,
  • WebStock 2012 (I'm lead to believe that there will be funding for me to attend again).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eating naturally

Its funny but some people have been taking it like its a foregone conclusion that I would turn up dairy and/or gluten intolerant after my month-long abstinence test. But I don't think so. Certainly bringing dairy back in didn't appear to result in any deterioration. The gluten is more difficult to judge as its complicated by a couple of other issues but if it has had an impact its been minor. Also some of the non-gluten options I'd been taking were actually very yummy so I am sticking with them. I did have a bagel for lunch today (Wednesday) but that's actually the first gluteny thing I've had since pancakes on Sunday. Maybe when I'm feeling a bit better I'll give it another go.

So that's the good news, the bad is that I've been in a nose-dive for several weeks. Which makes me wonder if just messing around with my diet is in itself the issue. Or it could be all the driving I've been forced to do as a result of my team taking up office in Linwood, which is a 45minute drive each way for me. I haven't been in since last Wednesday, so a week ago, and have been logging half-days and even full sick days.

We are almost done with earthquake repairs - they have completely re-bricked the house, done loads of painting and re-painting and relaid the bit of timber floor that was damaged. I'm really happy, and very thankful to have it almost done with and have the house back how it was.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Half way gone

So I am half way through my diary-free, gluten-free diet month and while the food itself has been fine, last week was the worst I have had in a very long time.

The first week was fine. I made my normal muesli except with puffed quinoa instead of oats and the usual array of nuts. I had soy or rice milk in my morning mocha and used straight dutched cocoa instead of cutting it with drinking chocolate as I usually would. In fact I've been more or less been able to eat as usual, just making a few changes like making mashed potatoes with olive oil and rice milk. OK I won't pretend that its as nice, but its OK. Nick has been great, finding me dairy free 'ice cream' and gluten free pita bread and its pushed me to make my own felafel as I have been intending to do for ages.

The first weekend rolled in and I was OK on Saturday but started feeling a bit crap on Sunday. Then Monday and I felt really dizzy all day - managed to walk Kiwi but I had to concentrate hard. I knew that I was going to lose some work time on Friday as I had an appointment with my natural therapist so I even did another hour of work - I planned to do a bit extra every day to cover myself for Friday - HAH!. Tuesday and I was so sore and dizzy I didn't get lunch until 2:00 because I didn't want to get off the couch. Wednesday and Thursday were marginally better, I did a few hours work (at home of course) each day - doing an hour or so, then having a good break, then hitting it again. A question on a LiveJournal CFS/ME group confirmed my suspicion that it was a reaction to the diet, or as one person said my body was cleansing itself of the toxins. Anyway I'm still a bit dizzy today (Monday) but worlds better than last week so hopefully it will be plain sailing from here until the end of the month.

On the question of dairy vs gluten I'm currently hoping that it will be the gluten which is a problem and that I'll be able to go back to having some dairy as I am missing cheese. Also there seems to be plenty of substitutes for wheat / barley etc that work quite well whereas I am not so much a fan of the soy / rice milk. I should probably also note that I am not treating it like I'm terribly allergic e.g. I'm not worrying about things that are packed in factories that also pack gluten/dairy things or things that may contain traces of etc.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Days of soy milk and quinoa.

Hi, it's been ages since I have posted. It's not that nothings been happening but more that I am finding it hard to fit in the extras. Even Kiwi's walks have been less than regular the last few weeks. So it's probably not surprising that I have come down with a nasty cold. The rotten thing is that I don't feel like I've been achieving that much either.

Probably my big (health) news is that I have been seeing a cranio-sacral therapist and she has convince me to finally undertake the long put off test to see if I am gluten or lactose (or dairy) intolerant. One of the reasons I've been avoiding this is the fear that it will prove positive and that my days of bread and cheese will be over indefinitely. But to be honest I don't think that I am because I never feel bloated or anything after having bread, and I don't really have that much in my diet anyway. Anyway the way it works is that I have to avoid both (although yoghurt is ok) for a month and then reintroduce both separately (I think a week apart is normal).

So today is my first day, I have made muesli with puffed quinoa and had that with soy milk and a soy mocha for breakfast and it was perfectly acceptable. Hopefully that bodes well for the month.

She has also encouraged me to follow up and make appointments to replace my amalgam filings. As both the dentist and my G.P. had also been quite positive about this I have gone ahead and done so. However my enthusiasm was unnecessary as my dentist is unavailable until November. The clinic is undergoing post earthquake renovations. So anyway I am all booked in for four appointments each two weeks apart and my shiny new teeth should be all ready for Christmas.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

A costly week

Well it's been a bit of a week of spending. I just bought a lovely full length lace gown with a deep red satin underdress from The Carpenters Daughter in Lincoln. They have moved there from Christchurch as their building there was in the red zone. It's been a while since I had a new dress and this one will be fun to wear. The skirt flares out at the base and it's beautifully swishy.

But the big spending has been this morning. You might recall that we have the worst luck with fridges, and when we moved in to this house the fridge freezer that we bought was so noisy that Nick fought with the place we'd bought it from for six months until they agreed to take it back. Anyway, having just killed our two steers, we're a bit short on freezer space and so Nick started looking at fridge/freezers again and we settled on a Mitsubishi model that is quite large and supposedly very quiet.

The only place in town that could sell us one was the Smiths City out Northwood and we went out there this morning and bought it, and also an entertainment centre so that we can finally get the amp, DVD, TiVo and video player off the floor. It should all arrive on Thursday afternoon.

Also we have three more pallets of lavers ordered as Nick and Olly have just finished laying all the ones we had. The paving now extends up to the narrowest area, by the big window and they are pulling up a square hole in it for me to plant a magnolia into. Once they got a method working it seems to go pretty quickly.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home Improvements

Well we saw the guys from Fletchers the other week and over the past couple of weeks have had visits from the timber floors guy and bricklayer who had to scope their special work. So I'm hoping that sometime in the next couple of weeks they'll come back with a schedule and we'll get some kind of idea what will be happening when. Which reminds me that I need to check our insurance to see if we have any cover for having to be out of the house while they work.

Sort of sounds like an excuse for a holiday except that Nick is ever-reluctant to leave the horses for more than a day and of course we'd have to find somewhere for kiwi to stay also which is less likely to be covered in the insurance. I rather fancy a few days staying somewhere posh like the Hermitage as I'm feeling quite unwell at the moment and could use some decadence.

In addition Nick and Ollie have been making excellent progress on the paving. Well actually they only had one day at it but have made a great start, completing about twice what Nick and Bob had done. I thought that Nick was making some fancy tool but it seems to be a fairly long section of square pipe that they are using to squeegee the sand away. Anyway for once I feel good that progress is being made and if we keep getting weekends like the last few we might actually have an outside area by spring.

We are also waiting to hear from our land-mover man Mark who is going to finish the drive for us and make Nick an area, to the south of the house, by the shed. Now that the container has gone there's a good space there and it will probably be 20x30m. We looked at a few areas but that has the advantage of being very close to the house and already pretty flat so it shouldn't require too much digger work. Also being close to the house if we want to we could put night lights on it fairly easily.

With the paving progressing well I have also started thinking about what I want for that area outside the bedroom windows to the north of the house. I just bought a load of Compleat Anachronist booklets including the Medieval Gardens one and my design is going to borrow quite a lot from the medieval garden including the ubiquitous turf bench. Around the south side of the house I am going to plant my native 'bush' with a curving path that leads to a glade with pond and seat. So far I have one kowhai planted that Joan Isaac gave me from her garden. But now at least I have a plan.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tess's Chocolate Fondant

Our friend Tess was down last week and it was great to see her as she moved to Auckland a while ago and the last time we saw her was when we were there a year ago for the winter coronation SCA event. She's going to Europe soon on a working holiday so its probably going to be a while before we see her again.

Tess is a professional patissiere and made us these delicious fondants for which she left the recipe. Quantities in brackets are for the catering quantity: makes 300.

151 g  (2600) butter
4 (60) eggs
5 g (80) baking powder
162g (2800) dark chocolate
17 g (300) cocoa
116 g (2000) icing sugar
78 g (1350) flour
1 egg yolk (400g)
  1. Melt chocolate and butter
  2. Stir in eggs and yolk(s)
  3. Sieve & stir in dry ingredients
  4. Bake in cups for 10 - 12 minutes at 180 degrees C.
Kept well in the fridge for a couple of days and heated in the microwave.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SCA participation up part two.

So I said a couple of posts ago that I was getting more into SCA things and detailed some of my projects but what I didn't mention was that I have taken on an office again. I have been enormously frustrated by wanting to help & be more involved but at the same time worried that if I took something on that there would be times that I wouldn't be able to actually meet my commitments. Its one thing to sit helplessly on the sidelines and watch and quite another to have people expecting you to be doing things when you really can't. Of course everyone gets sick from time to time and that's what deputies are for but I do feel that one should be able to have a reasonable expectation of doing a job that one takes on.

Anyway, the office of web minister came up and I thought about it and asked for the job description. Then there was an earthquake. Then there was a final call for applications, none having yet applied, and I had a look at the description. Which was pretty much what I do at work anyway, so I applied and now am the new web minister.

I went to my first council meeting last Tuesday night and it felt really odd to be back at the table, especially as it was with many of the same faces - not really but that's how it felt. Its like ten years on people from the same households/groups are still filling most of the positions still. I probably won't be able to go to many meetings, but it was my first, and I had stock clerk books to distribute, and it wasn't too long. Same old issues too. Its going to be interesting I think.

Working from home
Its nice being able to work in one's PJs. Not that I do much. I actually have developed what I think of as my 'farm' PJs - tracksuit bottoms, long-sleeved T, sports bra - its comfy like pyjamas but I can walk kiwi without having to get completely changed. And its great being home for her most days, and being able to walk at mid-day rather than at night in the dark. To be honest I really don't want to work in an office again. Still we do what we must, and I must start making dinner.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Horse update

We had a bit of a big weekend last weekend. Nick took the Friday off work to supervise the removal of our container. We had bought the container very early as a place to store stuff and feed and it had continued to serve that purpose as we built first Nick's workshop, then the house, then the hayshed. We had both agreed that it would leave one day and while we'd had a couple of folks interested there hadn't been any urgency. But Nick's friend Al who owns the Budget Tools shop was moving and so it one off to his place. Removing it also meant that the yards next to t had to be pulled out so now there's just a naked area next to the workshop.

But the big bit of progress over the weekend was that Twilight went on his first ever outing, to a western riding training day. He had been on the float before but never with it moving. On Friday Nick drove him (and aunty Zoe) around the block, but the trip to the Mandeville arena is about 45 minutes from our place, so quite a considerable distance. Anyway apparently he handled it very well and also went pretty well at the training. Its great, he is almost self-loading onto the float already. Anyway that's another milestone and indicative that Nick's training of him is progressing nicely.

The previous weekend (Easter) Nick had weaned Dawn and Hrothgar, putting them in the stock-yards for the week. That allows us to get close to them and hand feed them so that they get used to being around people. Dawn has a bit of her mum's distrust but Hrothgar has none of that so he is quite happy to come up and take grass out of your hand. Dawn is beginning too, but would rather take it from Hrothgar's mouth. Anyway after a week they have now been integrated with Tyr so we have the three unbroken young horses together.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SCA participation up

In the last few months my SCA participation has been slowly increasing. I am spending more time at home doing projects and have under-taken a few service activities including applying for an officer position, to be confirmed soon I hope.

Arts Projects
My Boy's suit for riding is progressing slowly. Slowly partly because I lack a lot of time for doing work on it, also because I am sort of making decisions about each step as I go. This seems to be my S.O.P. at the moment and I suspect that it is because my fuzzy-M.E.-brain can't handle working out the whole thing in advance. Anyway the doublet and trunkhose are done and the cloak is about two thirds finished. I just need to add the sleeves which are all ready to go and line it. I am held up a little due to a lack of lining fabric and with some of my favourite fabric shops closed this could hold it up for a while. I had hoped to enter it in the Lochac arts competition which had cloaks as a category for Rowany festival but have missed that deadline.

The next piece of the suit that I intend to make is an embroidered shirt. I have started thinking about the cutting layout and what I am embroidering where. The collar and cuffs will have the 'sad jesters at fence' design because I think that its very sweet and I have decided to use various sprigs, animals and what-not over the bodice and sleeves but usually these also had some long repeating design in between them running down the length of the piece and I haven't decided what to use there yet. I have the linen so if time is available I might cut that out this weekend.

My final sewing project is re-lining the skirt of my green silk French gown and adding woolen guards. This is proving tricky to get everything laying flat and I think that I need to sew the skirt to the gown and then set the guards and lining with it on my dress-maker's dummy and farthingale to ensure it lays flat.

In addition I have finally got the spinning wheel that I bought from Rob up and running and have started doing some spinning. Really just to get back into it again so what I'm doing is a bit rough for now. I am enjoying it though and its working well to do some while listening to an audiobook when Nick is making dinner.

Finally I have bristles and code and am about to start making shoes again. First of all to repair my 8th century shoes because they are quite good. Then to start to replace my old 15th century turnshoes. Eventually I would like to get up to making lasted 16th century shoes - maybe next year.

So with work and all that I am actually pretty busy and actually having fun making things again. Its great to have that.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Avoidance issues

So I have been avoiding blogging after February's earthquake because I don't know what to say. It more or less missed us - I think some of our gaps widened a little and there's a bit more mortar on the ground but that's about it. So its hard to contemplate what it has been like for many of the citizens of Christchurch. And I have little to say when my friends all talk about moving to Auckland, or Hamilton or just somewhere because we're not going to move, but at the same time I can't blame them. For some its been hard enough to get work down here and if you're not tied to mortgages and livestock why not move out, even if temporarily.

Anyway now that I am stuck at home semi-permanently I've been getting a bit more stuff done - you easily forget that you lose an hour a day driving in and out of town. I am still working at home, but now its every day as work is unlikely to reopen for some time. I may spend half a day here and there at other libraries as they open - going down to South Library tomorrow for a team meeting.

Nick and I finally took down the very messed up wardrobe fittings on the weekend. Some of its fine, and some is probably fixable but some will need replacement. I have been working on my green French gown which I had long ago decided to re-line the skirt with some satin rather than the very lightweight lining it originally had. It was too light and the trains a little dirty due to flipping over. A heavier lining and some guards on the inside should take care of that. I've also made good progress on my dutch cloak, although I'm no longer really aiming at sending it to Kingdom A&S. Simply too much bother, although if it is done in time I may do so, if I can find a guardian for it.

Twilight Escapade is coming along really nicely under Nick's tutelage and he (Nick) is beginning to talk about teaching Twilight to load onto the horse float so that he can go to lessons with Ian when he (Ian) comes down. Soon it will be Tyr's turn to learn about lunging and driving - the ground work Nick does before they're old enough to be ridden. Nick is back at work and has been for the last two weeks already. His work is in the green zone area of the CBD and was not too badly damaged.

Anyhoo that's the highlights. We're trucking on but its all a bit depressing really.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Arty farty in Wellington

So the week after the week after Canterbury Faire was my annual trip to Wellington for the WebStock conference. I've been fabulously lucky in that my employer has seen fit to approve (and pay for) my going to every WebStock conference since the very first one. They never disappoint and this one was no different. I have made a couple of blogs about it on the libraries' professional interest blog Bibliofile so I am not going to repeat them here. I try to use the little free time that I have in Wellington to visit a few art galleries and do a little shopping, although having had a couple of heavy spending months I TRIED not to spend too much.

So, art... my first trip was to the Wellington City Gallery which is conveniently located opposite the WebStock site the Wellington Town hall. On my first visit there were two excellent exhibitions, one, The Vault by Neil Pardington which was a fascinating group of photographs of the storage facilities of New Zealand Museums. This was especially interesting to me because I remember touring the Canterbury Museum as a child and we were allowed in the back rooms and there was so much fascinating stuff.
The other was a display of the work of illustrator Graham Percy: The Imaginative Life and Times of Graham. Percy. I particularly liked his re-imagined history group which put historical personalities into anachronistic settings, often based in New Zealand.

I also made it to Te Papa for the European Masters exhibition. This was also great BUT... it hadn't been advertised very well that it was only 19th & 20th century works from a single German gallery. Now for me 19th & 20th century is modern art - its nice but it doesn't get me excited. If I hadn't been a bit in 'holiday' mode I probably wouldn't have paid the $20 entrance fee. Finally I went back to the City Gallery for the Crown Lynn exhibition. Crown Lynn is 'iconic' New Zealand ceramics and while some of it is pretty kitch there were some lovely pieces too. This exhibition is definitely worth the $6 entry fee.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

post faire post

So I am in that in-between week between Canterbury faire (fab, hot, exhausting) and WebStock (fab, windy, exhausting).

I don't know if it was over-indulgence in rich food and alcohol, the continuing stress of aftershocks, or just the extra activity but shortly after Christmas I crashed badly. I did get back to work in January but had several days off or shortened with sick leave. Which is a major pain because there are several major work projects which have been effectively held back because of it. Also another which I am supposed to be contributing too which I feel that I have not been able to pull my weight on. And for those who know me I hate feeling that I am not pulling my weight.

However it allowed me to get on with some excellent reading. I'm reading Lila Richard's book A different hunger and really enjoying it and i am not just saying that because she is a friend. Its not a genre that I have read much of - really only Anne Rice's first half dozen vampire books - so I don't have a lot to compare too but the writing is good and the story is really flowing well. I also read another ME/CFS book over the holidays - Beating Chronic Fatigue and I have determined to try the treatments recommended. I need to get it out again from the library so that I can take it to my doctor... I should probably just buy a copy.

Also for Christmas Nick got me two fantastic books - one about Duke Charles the Bold and the other the London finds book for Horse Equipment AND just before Christmas I bought myself the dutch shoes book. So lots of great reading/pictures to ooh over.
 If you go to my librarything you'll see that there are heaps of new books in fact which is just as well as sitting reading is about all I am good for at the moment.

Sigurd's new surcoatWell that's not completely true. I can sew. Actually I've been working on a new surcoat for Sigurd. its beautiful Italian wool, well fulled so its almost felt. Unfortunately I failed to check its colour-fastness and it isn't. This meant that I have had to make the whole thing in such a way that all the red bits can be separated from the white bits for cleaning. So all the boars are made like patches, with gold outlines and they are tacked on. i am also going to make a collar which will protect the surcoat from the camail as most of the dirt on the surcoat is from rust from the maille, not actually from the combat itself. I just got it finished for the Gods & Monsters Pas at Canterbury Faire but Sigurd had hurt his hand so didn't fight. So it hasn't been 'tested' yet. But it does look great.

Which brings me to Faire. Faire was great, but I was feeling like crap most of the time which was a shame, so I missed a lot of it. I did manage to bake every day for the first half, two loaves at a time on the BBQ. Then I took Thursday off and got a bit dressed up and went to some classes, Pelican meeting and some other things. I discovered that my laurel cotte is very comfortable and am going to start a wool one for winter as soon as another project is complete. I also discovered that my first red kirtle is way too big and am going to take the bodice apart and re-make it as too big is actually uncomfotable for me as there is insufficient support.

Heorot campsiteWe had a great campsite, having doubled our usual size by the addition of Sigurd's two squires Ulrikr and Essylt and Angel from Darton, also Ratbod who is now squired to Gabriel, and (although they were bunkrooming) TRMs Gabriel & Constanzia and Countess Leonore with whom I seemed to get on with really well as we have lots of common interests. As well we had Callum, Sinech and Richard as usual. We are already planning for next year with the intention of having monthly local get-togethers to make things. I want a sink. This year's novelty was a round table which was just big enough for the 12 of us.

 The highlights of the event for me were:
  • Alexandra being made a Baroness with my coronet. We've been best buds since primary school so this was just so great. Good thing I didn't have to say anything during the ceremony as there would have been tears.
  • The 'scroll' Callum made for Sigud's knighting - its a carved piece of wood, similar in style to a norse stone carving. Lochac scribe says its OK to be the official 'scroll' and can have seals set in if we can find a way to do it. I will try to remember to get a photo.
Whew - well that's enough for now i think. I really shouldn't leave it so long between posts. I will try to post weekly this year and make them smaller.