Sunday, July 29, 2012

New car time

I've done pretty well out of my cars. Apart from the mini that I bought from Kate and Nick took apart, never to be put back together again, I've only had two cars, the Mitsi Sigma wagon that I bought ex-Hindins fleet which I drove until it died, and the MR2 that I currently have. I have to admit that I love my little sports car. After driving a station wagon for ten or so years it was great to have a wee, grunty, nippy car. I could park it practically anywhere, it was very responsive and I liked the control that I felt that I had.

However after moving to the country, or rather, having added a canine to the family, its proved a little less practical. I can do a decent grocery shop with it, I've even gotten my full set of armour into it, but I can't take Kiwi to the vet if I needed to in an emergency and NIck wasn't here with his Surf. Also it is beginning to show its age, requiring more frequent oil top-ups than it should, so I've decided to move on.

So yesterday we went to check out a couple of cars. We just went to one yard and I drove a Rav4 4-door, a Subaru Forrester and, after some arm-twisting, a VW Passat. I like the look and handling of the Rav4 but that one was feeling its age and mileage. The Subaru was OK: nothing to get excited about and really lacked any 'go' (although our consulting mechanic says that putting 91 fuel in them robs them of that and they're very different with a better fuel). The VW was lovely, significantly younger than the other two although about the same mileage as the Forrester but a quite different car to drive. But also a bit more than we want to spend and more expensive for parts.

So the search continues. I'd quite like to say yes to the VW but that would be a bit indulgent for a car that I'll only drive every other week most of the time. I'm keen to try a late 90s Rav4 of under/about 100,000 kms (the one I drove was a 95, with 178,000 on the clock). Let me know if you know of one!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Links - that medieval Bras plus more


Costume & Textiles

SCA hat yahoo group - y'know people keep on going on about yahoo being in the loo but yahoo groups still seem to be very widely used, in the SCA anyway.
The costume from Skjoldehamn on Andøya - the context, research history and reconstruction
By Lars Erik Narmo, archaeologist and research manager at Lofotr Viking Museum
A summary in English of Lövlid's research can be found at
Well cut through the body: 12th century fitted clothing

Beatrix Nutz' Austrian Medieval Bras

A preliminary report can be found at
Article in BBC History Magazine Medieval Lingere
More on medieval bras – new details on 15th century find from

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday links round-up

I've been pretty sick over the past week so haven't been up to much - not even tapping away at the computer. Anyway here's a few of the links that have crossed my path over the last week:

Dragon wing tents has some great articles on period tents and the painting thereof. They suggest the use of Jacquard Textile Colors fixative to make iron-fix paint fix without ironing.

Manuscripts and Princes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe an online exhibition of manuscripts from the European Library.
National Trust Collections (UK) online catalogue of all sorts of goodies held in National Trust heritage buildings across the UK.

"A small side-trip into Basque" at Jessamyn's Closet plus other Spanish stuff including the parti-coloured diagonal plaid cotehardie, one of which is on my to-do list (I have found two Italian plaid cotes as well).

A&S sites from Euriol of Lothian - a collection of links

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Links 7 July

Not so much this week:
Copyright-free Scandinavian Archive Prints in High Quality and High Resolution
Pleat work embroidery
Best Ever find of complete Irish horse harness piece with heraldic pendants.

On YouTube
The Sole of Don Ville